Action for accessing web-based email like Hey?

Has anyone developed an Action for using a web-based email like Hey! I’m trying out Drafts and, so far, it seems to have possiblities but before I invest time in learning to create Action steps, I want to be ensured it is possible. I’m retired and am NOT a programmer!

Are you wanting to send mails from Hey explicitly, or are you wanting to retrieve content?

As it happens, either way, I don’t see that they offer any API integration to their service, but if you can set their service up to be used with apps other than their own proprietary apps then there may be a good chance.

Do their native apps have support for Apple Shortcuts? I don’t see anything for it, but that could be another route.

I know Hey is a very opionated service (and one that does not conform to some standards that mean you can’t do things like emails signatures (legally recommended or required for businesses in the UK yet when it came out they refused to add it in), so it may turn out they remain a walled garden based on those initial principles.