Action Bar disappearing in iOS version


New user, I’ve searched all over and i can’t find an answer for how to either keep the action bar from disappearing, or an easy way to bring it back…

I find it very useful and i hate it when it disappears

I’m on IOS


It is tied to the soft keyboard visibility if you are not using a hardware keyboard. If you are using a hardware keyboard there is an editor setting that applies, and where you can set it to always be hidden.

Thank for the quick reply…

I’m running an external keyboard and I’d like the toolbars to always show up, I’m running 17.1.1 of drafts pro but my menus don’t look like your screenshot and i don’t have those menu options

Is that menu hidden somewhere? I clicked on the little gear icon at the bottom corner of the screen

I’m on an iPad Pro 2018 version

You are looking at app settings. There’s another that’s editor settings that I linked to above.

Look for the “Aa” next to the “:gear:” and access those settings instead.

Thank you. I found the menu, they are set to never hide the tool bar but it goes away frequently, if i click on the top right corner the pull down menu lets me pick top or bottom which brings back the toolbar but always at the bottom

Stupid question, is there a way in this program to highlight notes?

I’m going back to college and I got an iPad Pro 12.9 to take notes on and I’m really liking this program vs Noteability, I’m just missing a way to hilight text in notes


Can you come up with a pattern that you can describe as to what is making the action bar toggle visibility? I’m wondering if it is just something to do with navigation.

If you’re new to Drafts it might also be useful to know that you can assign keyboard shortcuts to actions.

In terms of highlighting, what do you mean? Like you would on a paper note with a highlighter pen? If so, it would be worth reiterating that Drafts is based on plain text, not rich text. You can use markup to highlight text in this way when transforming it to a rich text format - e.g. rendered HTML. You can’t colour highlight plain text because it is plain.

I’ve seen the same thing but not figured out a trigger for it yet. Typically sliding over the actions or drafts panes from the right or left will bring the bar back.

I haven’t reported it yet just because I wasn’t sure if it was something I’ve done.

Using link mode triggers the problem with the action bar. It’s a bug. You can force quit to get it back, but after link mode is used, it will disappear - something that got missed in the beta cycle. Will be fixed in update soon.

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