Access to contacts?

Hello all,
I was creating a workflow and for the email integration I wanted to pop up the contact selector or a filter textbox to select an email from contacts and it appears this is not possible. Amy I missing something?

My thought was to use the Gmail integration with a pop up selector for a contact vs using the outlook or mail apps etc,


There is no contacts integration currently, but there is integration with Shortcuts and that does have provision for that.

You could add an action step to call an Apple Shortcuts shortcut to grab the e-mail addresses (select contacts, grab e-mail addresses, put them in a comma separated list and return that.

In your Drafts action, the call to the shortcut should then place the resulting list of email addresses in the [[shortcut_result]] tag ready for you to use in your email step.

An alternative would just be to compose the mail, and show the populated email composerwhen the action completes. You can then select your contacts by tapping on the plus, and send the mail.

Unless there is a driver to capture the recipients in the draft or log before sending, the second option is the most seamless and easiest to implement (though the other is not onerous).

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the answer, I will look at the Shortcuts integration. For the second option, because I’m using the native Gmail integration I’m not sure I can pop up a composer window. Unless I use the app.

I will create a future request I guess.