About updating actions

I just updated an action, but only with its description. Then I find that in the action directory the action’s description do not change but the update time is changed.

So the update function do not include the description change?

The first time you share to the Directory, the description defaults to the action description. On future updates, it defaults to the last used description for the Directory, and if you want it to reflect updates to the description you would need to update it in the sharing dialog.

This was done because there are case where is makes sense to have different information in the Directory listing than make sense for the description once the user installs.

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So the first time is always when the Action Directory creates a new hashed ID for an action?

If I take an action from another user, change it
and publish it. This in fact creates a new action and so it is the first time.

Am I right?

Yes. That is correct. Essentially, the Action Directory description is not part of the action. It’s not installed with the action.

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