Ability to use email actions with Group Contact Lists


I have many contact groups stored in icloud. I’d like to be able to create an action to create an email template for a group that I email weekly and populate the contact name in the to: line of the email. The group changes occasionally so I’d prefer not to store the email addresses in the body of the draft. when I tried adding a contact to the list, I can only add individual contacts, not contact groups.

Any thoughts about how to do this? Thanks

Drafts can not expand a group name. Scripting of contact data is something that is planned sometime down the road, but I can’t say when that will ship. When that is enabled, it’s likely what you are describing will be possible in script.

You can let Mail expand the group, but you have to use the mail action and type the group name yourself once you open the mail window, like you would to use the group in the Mail app itself - it cannot be automated. The Mail sending APIs do not have any support for specifying a group name.