Ability to dismiss HTML Preview via keyboard

Can we get a keyboard shortcut (i.e. for external, physical keyboards) to dismiss the HTML Preview window/sheet? I’d be fine with just binding Esc to the Cancel button, but since the HTML Preview window also has a Continue button, it might be useful to also have a shortcut for that (maybe cmd-return).

Also please reinstate “print” action from preview!
I’m now having to create multiple print actions (one for each of the md templates I employ).

For printing from preview, add this action and select continue to print or cancel not to.

FYI, cmd-. and cmd-return are enabled for HTML Preview shortcuts as of the 5.0.4.

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Can this cmd-. shortcut also be active when opening a URL inside Drafts? I have a keyboard shortcut for my Google action, but no way to dismiss when I’m done. Thanks!

Unfortunately not. The Safari window runs out of process and cannot be modified to support keyboard shortcuts. You could set the action NOT to open in Drafts, then you’d be able to cmd-tab app switch back to Drafts.

Makes sense! Reasonable workaround. Thanks!