A Siri Shortcut for Saving Discourse Threads in Drafts

Raw Discourse Thread to Drafts Shortcut

Selfishly, I’ve been using a previous version of the shortcut I just published to save/draft responses to threads from this very forum for years(?) and yet haven’t thought to share it with the community until just now. Sorry about that!

Raw Discourse Thread to Drafts Source

From the RoutineHub docs:

Standard shared thread URLs are accepted as input, converted to Discourse’s native raw text links, and then scraped.

By default the raw contents are appended to my preferred “frontmatter,” like so:

# "{title}" - {host}
Updated `DavodTime`

- [**Discourse**]({url})



If you’re curious, the entirety of my documentation can be found within this page (published with Drafts, naturally :).)

An example output from the shortcut can be examined via this GitHub Gist.

If you’re entirely new to Shortcuts and uninterested in reconfiguring this one to your own uses, let me know! I love Drafts very much and am absolutely down to take any opportunity to give back to this community.


That’s great :+1:t3: thanks for sharing :heart_eyes:

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