A better search action

I developed a (at least for me) better search action for drafts.
I wanted a quick way to search through all of my drafts without having to switch workspaces / views and using the search in the drafts list (for me it is not really convinient to tap the small search bar there.

The action prompts for a search query and (currently) offers 4 buttons for different search types:

  • search in the title of the drafts
  • search a string in the content of the drafts
  • search a regex in the content of the drafts
  • search a tag and then query all the drafts with this tag

the title of every found draft will be added to a prompt and when a button is selected, the draft will be opened. If either no draft with the query was found, or the user did not select a draft to open (cancelled) the action will ask to perform another search.
Personally I trigger this action with the shortcut cmd+j because I use evernote, too.

You can download it here

If you have any suggestions / find a bug or something else, please tell me and I’ll update the action.