Your Favourite UI Stuff

Drafts 5 is obviously a crazy powerful app but there’s already a lot of discussion going on about that. What I think maybe fewer of us talk about and what it might be nice to share some thinking on is how this version of Drafts is, well, pretty.

Not to diminish the developer in any way but I think it’s fair to say that Drafts has always looked neat and tidy if unremarkable. Clean, simple, but not the sort of app that people rave about the UI and all the neat touches. If you want that you tend to look at Things 3, Fantastical, or Day One.

But Drafts 5 strikes me as a big jump forward in this department.

I particularly like the huge number of new glyphs and colour options. Also the buttons presented when you have options to choose from after tapping add action, for example, are really nice.

So, I’d love to know what UI touches other people like.

Also it’d be great to know if Greg feels this was a bigger focus this time or if this is just a natural progression towards a more mature app.