Worth submitting this problematic Draft as a bug report?

I’ve been working on composing a longform post for the first time in Drafts, which has resulted in a near-5000-word, embed-heavy Draft with some 186 versions that now crashes the app (iPhone 12 Pro Max running iOS 14.5 Beta 8.)

I’ve tried:

  • Purging iCloud transactions (which appeared to work ~1500 words ago but isn’t currently.)
  • Duplicating the Draft (it crashes the app too.)
  • Copying the Draft’s contents and pasting into a new Draft (which also crashes the app.)
  • Clearing my handset’s RAM
  • Rebooting my handset

My real question for this thread: is it worth formally submitting feedback regarding this Draft? Would it be helpful at all? If so, I will gladly do so, but I don’t want to add to what I imagine is a pretty big queue of bug reports, if not.

I’m not sure why you would imagine there is a big queue of bugs, but you should always report them (not just for Drafts either) as it can raise the priority of them, provides more information to help resolve it, and it puts you on the list of people who need to be informed of any fixes.

There are still lots of things that could be done with your existing device. For example copying the content externally, (option on the long press on the listing), exports, backups, etc. But, it would also be good to identify the underlying reason so it can be addressed.

Certainly the size and number of versions shouldn’t be an issue. I’m sure many of us have Drafts like that or even bigger and more revised than that, so it is likely something else.

Without the specific details of the draft to incrementally work through to the point of reproducing the issue, the only point in your post that perhaps strikes me as something to be wary of is of course the fact that you are running an OS beta. It may well not be related, but when you run a beta, it is usually a good option to have a fallback device, not on the beta, to check against. Any chance you have any other iOS/iPadOS devices you can try accessing your draft on? Hey, do you have a Mac you can try it on?

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I was able to extract it just fine via the first method you listed - copying the contents from the Info menu.

Of course, I appreciate your time, but it sounds like this thread might be redundant, then. Should I delete it?

Please open a ticket, with a sample text, if possible (support@agiletortoise.com). Would love to take a look at it and try to figure out what’s going on. I doubt it’s the length, might be specific to some text.

Have you tried using a different syntax definition on the same draft?

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