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So I’ve spent the past two days going through drafts. I opted for the Pro version as I like the idea of Workspaces (WS). I know it’s just another view but I’m one of those who prefer his result sets no change much on one page but instead go to a dynamic page with that filter (i.e Workspaces). :-)(

As I begin to set up my initial stab at Drafts (I’m sure it will change as I learn best practices) I’d like to simply have work space that is a filter of one or more tags ONLY, and not the word in the draft itself.

WS Titled “Family”
I only want the drafts with the tag Family in it.
What do I put in the search query text box for the WS?
In the Search Query text box, I simply wrote Family
Of course this show any drafts with the WORD family even if it does not contain the tag.
I cannot omit the word ‘family’ as I might have a draft with the word and the tag.

I’m sure this is a basic question, but not seeing the syntax for this. I did read ‘comma followed by list of tags’ so entered ,family…but got the same result.
Thank you!

This same request came up earlier this week.

Greg’s already added something in the beta versions for providing this.

Thank you. I will inquire about being a beta partner. This is prime opportunity as I am new and setting up my ‘Drafts’ so would prefer to start with this feature if possible, Thank you again for the quick responses.

Beta program information is posted here on the forum, although if you are new to the app, I would not recommend jumping on the beta.

I’m not sure the feature @sylumer refers to is what you are asking for either. I think you are asking how to create a workspace that filters for the tag “family” rather than searching for the word “family” in the text. That is simply done by using the “Tag Filter” field on the Workspace, not the search query field. Info on usage in the docs.

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Rereading that original post it isn’t. For some reason the first time I read it, it sounded to me like a set of tags. I have no idea how I missed the content vs. tag reference?! :persevere: