Workgroups by Syntax

Hi…new to Drafts. Have a question that may have a simple answer:

Is there a way to create a workgroup that can sort by syntax and tags?

Scenario: I want to have a workgroup that just has my Task Paper drafts in it, with the tags I use.


I think you mean filter by syntax and tags rather than sort. Filtering picks out what drafts you want from your entire set of Drafts. Sorting determines the order in which the list of those filtered drafts is displayed to you.

Workspaces can filter by tags. Workspaces cannot filter by syntax. Workspaces can then sort those filtered results in the standard ways that Drafts offers (title, dates,…)

You could use a tag and tag all of your Taskpaper drafts to allow them to be filtered by a workspace. So, if that’s covered by “with the tags I use”, then you are in luck and can just set up your workspace based on those tags.

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thank you! I think that not only answers my question but got my brain juices working on some ideas. Much appreciated!