Will custom actions work after dropping subscription?

I’m thinking of trying Drafts Pro for a while. If I later find I’m not using it much and revert to the free mode, will any custom actions I’ve made continue to work?

Your custom actions in general should continue to work. It is only creation and editing of actions that is a pro feature. Running them is a feature of the free version. Hence you can still get lots of value from the action directory even without being a pro subscriber.

However, if an action uses a pro feature (e.g. opening a dynamic workspace, switching custom themes), that particular action will not work as that feature will not work.

Thanks for the quick response.


As a software engineer I can not stress often enough that software creation needs time and is hard work! Greg is doing a great job by not only keeping Drafts alive on the ever changing Apple platforms but also introducing new features.

Even if your Drafts usage is only irregular- try to keep that money flowing to him! Please!


You’re right, Andreas. Thanks for pointing that out.


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I mean there are surely good reasons or edge cases to do it and I find the question very helpful.

I love that @agiletortoise even put in familysharing so that we can use Drafts on all our families devices

Not only that, as subscriptions go, Drafts is one of the best (if not THE best) value for money you can get. What Greg charges is really not that much and really affordable for most people that own a computer and a mobile phone. Far from the exaggerated costs of other subscriptions, really.

In general, I dislike the subscription model. I used to own a license of Adobe Photoshop but the use I made of it didn’t require me to update every year. When they changed to the subscription model, I looked for an alternative immediately.

With Drafts I feel that if many people pay just a little (even if they are not sophisticated users) we will be able to keep a VERY useful app alive for many years and at a low cost for all the users.

a bit off topic but I started to use Affinity Designer and it is really great. Even usable on iPad and the prices are one time only and quite affordable!

And it is like this that all get the benefit of the work of others via the Actions Directory and the Forum.

Yep! After exploring other options I use affinity now. I bought it a it closer to the regular price at the time (a different promo) and even at that price it was more of a value proposition than PS. I bought the iPad version this time. Indeed a great app.

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