WATCH TIP: Enable Auto-Capture to launch straight to dictation from the Watch face




The Drafts Apple Watch app offers a watch face complication to make it quick and easy to see your inbox count and launch Drafts.

If you use Drafts on the Apple Watch for quick capture with dictation, you can save an additional tap by enabling the “Auto-capture from complication” setting in the Drafts settings screen - accessed in the Watch app on your iPhone.

When “Auto-capture from complication” is enabled, tapping the Drafts app complication on any watch face launches the app straight to dictation of a new draft.


Does it auto-sync when we’ve dictated something to the iOS app?


Yes, but the thing I’ve noticed is that the app times out if you don’t STOP talking after about a minute. It won’t sync and it will lose the content of what you’ve dictated to the app on the watch. There is something glitchy about it. I’ve sent in a service note.


Take note of


That, unfortunately, is not avoidable. Dictation on watchOS is limited by the capabilities of the system. This is the same behavior you will get in any app on the watch (including Apple’s) which support dictation. From a technical standpoint, watchOS is in charge of the dictation part, and the app does not get any status or partial text until the dictation is completed. If watchOS discards the session due to timeout, Drafts never knows about it.