Visualising activity streaks (aka Seinfeld Chains)

Seeing as so much of my work is in Drafts, I’m starting to get interested in how to visualise some stats and analysis. This action produces an alert containing a very simple Seinfeldian chain (

It requires a date in the title (first line) each of the drafts you want to track. Those drafts also need to be tagged appropriately— you can define the tag(s) you want to focus on within the script.

The action currently only looks for drafts in the “inbox” but that’s easy to adjust.

In the prompt, select the timespan and tag you want to view your activity for. In the alert that’s generated:

  • each row = 1 week
  • “>” indicates a day from the preceding month’s calendar
  • “x” indicates a day when you did the thing
  • “-” indicates a day you missed
  • “!” indicates today