Using Siri's "Create note with Drafts" on apple watch not saving to inbox


I’m new to drafts and I just tried dictating through my Apple Watch using Siri. Siri shows that it added the dictation on Drafts but once I open drafts there is nothing in my inbox.

Am I missing a step ?


Did you dictate from the complication or through a phrase trigger, if so, what?

What happens if you type a short draft on the watch? Does that sync?

Do you have any filters on in the Drafts app that could be filtering the watch captured drafts? For example, filtering out a draft tagged with “watch”?

I don’t know of any specific issues with using “Hey, Siri”, but it has a few limitations.

If you are completing the “Hey, Siri, create a note using Drafts…” cycle, and Siri is reporting the draft was successfully completed, it should be stored in the watch app. After completing this, if you launch the Drafts app on the watch, is the draft in the inbox?

The biggest problem with using “Hey Siri” on the watch, is that watchOS provides no way to immediately push an update to the phone after completing, so the draft will sit on the watch until watchOS give it a chance to update in the background, or the Drafts app is launched on the watch.

If the draft is not showing up in the inbox on the watch, that’s another issue that I’m not aware of.

Because of this limitation (and the “hey Siri” process generally having trouble recognizing commands), it is generally much better to add a Drafts complication to your watch face and tap it to launch to dictation.