Using Drafts with the Journey App

I am attempting to create an Action that will send the contents of a Draft to the Journey App (diary similar to Day One). I can get the Journey App to open however the new entry is not being created using the “post” command. Has anyone successfully created such an Action?

  1. Can you share a link to what you have so far?
  2. If you are using x-callback-urls, have you any details of the URL scheme? I can’t see any details online from a quick look.
  3. If you are using an API call or Shortcuts (I’m not sure what external input they support), have you been able to get it working outside of Drafts? If so, please provide details.

I have contacted the developer asking about the app’s URL scheme. Won’t get a reply until Monday and this is Saturday. At this point It is just easier to send to the Journey app via the share sheet.

I was trying to use the following action which will open the Journey app but will not add the Drafts text as a new entry:


The only automation option I have found so far is to use Zapier.

So if you created a Zapier webhook, you could probably activate that from Drafts and include an appropriate payload.

Thanks, I will look into Zapier

Use can use drafts to call shortcuts. In Shortcuts, creat a workflow to take the input from drafts

Are there any details of what Shortcuts support Journey has? I couldn’t find any mention of Shortcuts support in the app store description or on the app’s website.