Using a tag to trigger another action

I am new and not good at this yet, but I’ve dug around and cannot find what I’m looking for.
I would like to search for a specific word in a draft and have that trigger another action. Is that possible?
I am trying to make is so that if I say “hashtag journal” into my drafts input from my watch, it will then trigger my “Journal to Bear” action without my needing to open the drafts app on my phone.

Not quite. Drafts isn’t going to look for keywords in your dictated content.

You might be able to trigger something that would work via Shortcuts, but I suspect that it would need your phone unlocked, or have to be dictated to your phone.

An alternative might be to create an action that you run periodically on the phone that does scan through your Drafts for keywords and then journals the matched Drafts.

Thank you, I will give that a shot. I am just very new to this and am learning as quickly as possible.