Updating a variable in a template


I currently use Alfred to launch a draft, with someones name as part of the doc - however, I have multiple versions of the draft, depending on the name selected!

I would like to just use a template, and populate the required name when I create the draft.

I do have a template which I can launch, but unsure how to update the variable.

Not being highly technical, I’ve had to revert to calling on you all to help.

Is this a short, static list of names you need to choose from, or is it something you type in each time?

It’s a static list.

I was planning on using Alfred to start the process, and then take the selected name and populate it.

All suggestions welcome

My recommendation would be just to do it in Drafts (you could still trigger the action from Alfred).

This example action is a two step action, first it prompt to select a name, which can be updated in the button definitions of that step - then creates a new draft using a template in the next step that inserts the value selected in the prompt.

Perfect. That does the trick.
Thank you for a very quick response :smiley:

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Just one follow up question…

Is there a way to take the [[prompt_button]] selection and add it as a tag for the draft?
Not really an issue if not; but every little helps …

Just put [[prompt_button]] in the “Tags” field in the “Create Draft” step of the action. That should do it.

Swear words… I had tried that, but realised I added it to the Prompt step, not the Create Draft!
Thanks again…