Updating A Shortcuts With Append to Text Help

I have a Apple Shortcut set up on my iPhone that records my cats weights, converts them from lbs to Kg, and then inserts the results into two separate drafts, where it appends the date, time and the imperial and metric weights.

The action in shortcuts that appends the weight is the Append Text to draft. (See photo).

I want to add another cat, and I’ve made all the changes, except for the last step, which is the actual act of appending the text to a 3rd draft. I can’t find the action within tihe shortcut apps. And since Apple doesn’t let you copy/paste actions within the shortcuts app, I’m struggling to figure this out.

Can anyone tell me which action this is and where to find it?

Appending is a type of update. Use the Update Draft action and so let append as the content update type.

Also if you tap on the top left icon for an action it gives you the name and description of the action. Tap that to identify any existing actions.

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The Update Draft action isn’t the same action - however, your tip on using the icon on the left was brilliant, as it does allow copy/pasting, or directly adding the same action. So, that’s huge and solves my problem - thanks for that!!!

The one you have there is the one based on UUID which I think was superseded with the Drafts’ move to support the new Shortcuts parameter options that came in with iOS13.

Yeah, and the new plugins require pro… which at the current time I can’t afford, so I’ll stick to the old option that works.

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