Update All Actions

Forgive me if this question has already been addressed here and/or within the documentation, but I was unable to find anything with a search.

I was wondering how difficult it would be to implement a function within Drafts that checks the current installed version of all Actions with the latest version available in the Action Directory and offers an option to update all outdated actions in bulk.

There is not a way to automate updates of installed items like actions, syntaxes, etc., currently. A global update mechanism is on the road map for this year.


Great. I think it essential to know if my actions are the latest version. I also think I have duplicate actions - but I’m not sure which are.

I would think each action has a unique ID (or at least each shared one does) that should enable checking.

Looking forward to testing this.

Doubt that’s going to be an easy one, :relaxed:. I hardly have a downloaded action I haven’t changed in some way - what with shortcut keys and such. Update all could make a right mess


I agree. But I don’t know if altering an automation changes its ID. It probably should - to avoid clobbering your changes when refreshing.