Two Drafts Pro subscriptions

I didn’t find a direct support link for this kind of question. I tried to install the Drafts MacOS beta, but it said I need to have a subscription for it. I do have a monthly subscription for Drafts Pro. So I clicked through the subscription process, thinking it might figure out it that way. Well it seems that now I have two Drafts pro subscriptions going on. I was early tester with the MacOS too. What’s the protocol, which subscription should I cancel, etc? I use it on MacOS and iOS.

You definitely only need one (ref). But you do need to have the Mac app store app running first to validate your subscription before switching to the beta.

You can get more direct help with subscription issues via the support page.

You can get a more private interaction with Greg there if you need to exchange details about your purchases, etc.

Hope that helps.

Thanks. I tried downloading Drafts again from App Store, but the beta build didn’t recognise the original subscription. However, it works now when I cancelled the original subscription, and there’s not much financial cost since they were monthly subscriptions.

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