Turn undone items in a draft to "todos" in Evernote

Hi there, I was hoping for some assistance. I use drafts as a bullet journal for the day. If I create a draft, is there some sort of way to create it a todo in Evernote for the items unfinished.

For example:
Follow up calls

  • Greg
  • Bobby
  • Peter
  • Jan
  • Cindy
  • Marcia

If I don’t get to call them all back, is there some way when I make this draft into an EN note that the undone tasks are turned into tasks in EN, you know with the little boxes

Take a look at this action and see how close it gets you.

It uses Drafts standard checkbox markers.

Your draft needs to use something to denote a task if you are picking them out from within the draft. The standard task checkbox approach would seem the most logical.

Assuming this is a close match, if you need to modify it to strip completed tasks out and exclude non task lines, etc. either modify it to do so, or come back and ask for help on what customisations you are looking for.

Hope that helps.

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