Todoist V3 Adding Project


I’ve gotten the Todoist integration to work and everything appears to be working fine except for Todoist recognizing the project following a #.

For example when I type “Respond to Ben’s email tomorrow #work” Todoist accepts the “tomorrow” input but leaves the task in the inbox and doesn’t assign it to the “work” project. I’ve made sure I’m using the correct letter case.



Is there a “Using Drafts with Todoist” integration guide?



I wrote the Todoist V3 action. I’ve just tested it again and it’s definitely working for me. The case of the project name doesn’t seem to be significant (I used ‘#work’ in the line, but my project is actually called ‘Work’.

I don’t think the Todoist Quick Add API will create the project if it doesn’t exist, but if you have the project in place already it should be fine.



Thanks for the reply. I realized what was happening, I had emoji’s in my project title which was causing the error.

Thanks for writing a great action!


I’m glad you worked it out, and that you like the action.




UPDATE: Installed it on my iPad and all is well. The dialog to select the action group did not come up on my iPhone for some reason (or I was half-asleep and missed it)!

Call me a noob, but I can’t see where the action ends up after clicking ‘Install’. Do I need to create an action and call it in a step?


Maybe I am missing it, but is there a way to add the Todoist Tag (@) with the draft?


Hi, the action is using the standard Todoist quick Add API call and you can include tags with an ‘@’ e.g.

A new task @tag #project tomorrow

One thing to note, the quick add API doesn’t automatically create new tags (or projects). If you’ve used the tag before it will work.