Todoist V3 Adding Project

I’ve gotten the Todoist integration to work and everything appears to be working fine except for Todoist recognizing the project following a #.

For example when I type “Respond to Ben’s email tomorrow #work” Todoist accepts the “tomorrow” input but leaves the task in the inbox and doesn’t assign it to the “work” project. I’ve made sure I’m using the correct letter case.


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Is there a “Using Drafts with Todoist” integration guide?


I wrote the Todoist V3 action. I’ve just tested it again and it’s definitely working for me. The case of the project name doesn’t seem to be significant (I used ‘#work’ in the line, but my project is actually called ‘Work’.

I don’t think the Todoist Quick Add API will create the project if it doesn’t exist, but if you have the project in place already it should be fine.


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Thanks for the reply. I realized what was happening, I had emoji’s in my project title which was causing the error.

Thanks for writing a great action!

I’m glad you worked it out, and that you like the action.



UPDATE: Installed it on my iPad and all is well. The dialog to select the action group did not come up on my iPhone for some reason (or I was half-asleep and missed it)!

Call me a noob, but I can’t see where the action ends up after clicking ‘Install’. Do I need to create an action and call it in a step?

Maybe I am missing it, but is there a way to add the Todoist Tag (@) with the draft?

Hi, the action is using the standard Todoist quick Add API call and you can include tags with an ‘@’ e.g.

A new task @tag #project tomorrow

One thing to note, the quick add API doesn’t automatically create new tags (or projects). If you’ve used the tag before it will work.