Todoist API Integration - Draft direct to project comments - In scope?

Very quick query. Just wondering if the direct integration with Todoist has within its scope, the ability to send direct to a specific project’s comments?

This can still be achieved with a Drafts email action so it’s not a major issue if not. Would just be handy if an action with a prompt could call for the available projects in Todoist, select appropriate and ping to it. Would save setting up individual email actions.


Yes, that is completely possible. The createComment method takes options and can target a task or a project depending on the values passed, as documented in Todoist API docs. Something like:

var todoist = Todoist.create();
   "project_id": INSERT-PROJECT-ID,
   "content": "My comment"

You need to know the unique ID of a project.

Great stuff. Cheers. I’ll have a go at this.

As a complete Javascript idiot, I’ve almost passed out after successfully sending a draft to a project’s comment feed. This is ace. Thanks again.