TIP: Organize long action lists with separators



The Drafts 5.4 release adds the ability to create separators in action groups. Separators act like headings in the action list making it easier to find actions in longer lists. Separators can also display when an action group is loaded as the extended keyboard row.

To create a separator, use the add (+) button near the bottom right of the action list, and select “Add Separator”. Separators have only two configuration fields:

  • Name: The text to display for the separator in the action list.
  • Key label: The text to display for the separator when displayed in the keyboard row. This can be left blank to not display, or be used to provide a shorter alternative text.

By default, separators are added at the end of the group. They are reordered by drag and drop like any other actions in the list. You can also swipe to the right on them in the action list for options to edit, duplicate or delete the separator.


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