Things 3 URL Issues

Having some issues setting up a simple Drafts action with two Prompts and a URL to send information to Things with a date due, list name and task. Storing a Key of ‘listtname’ and ‘timing’ for each of the prompts and then the next step is URL of:


This only ends up adding the title to the Inbox in Things 3.

When I use the URL creator on the Cultured Code website to generate a URL of:


as a sample - this works perfectly.

What am I missing on the Drafts side here to enable the URL to run properly?


There’s some discussion of how prompt step tags work in the documentation, though it could be a little more clear. The Key on the prompt step defines the prefix to use for the tags, but the generated tags will be the key with _button, so for your example action, the URL you want is:


Yep - had a feeling you would have the answer within a few minutes of posting! Thanks so much for the help - read through the Key documentation - it all makes sense - this will help in the future.