Themes and Workspaces

Wondering if themes can be assigned to specific workspaces?

I believe Tim discussed a work around on the automators this week - specifically his modules approach. Modules | Drafts Directory

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Cool. I’ll go back and listen as that particular episode…which I started listening to this morning prompted my question. Thanks!!!

Not sure how to pull this off on iOS. Thoughts? Tim wasn’t very specific on the Automators.

See the link above to the module actions. Once you have downloaded them and looked under the hood it is pretty clear.

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By pretty clear do you mean duplicate the modules and edit them to my workspaces?

I mean once you have downloaded them, you can simply change the names of the modules to fit your workspaces, edit in your relevant workspaces in the script and your preferred themes. So in the screen grab below of his “GTD” module, I would change it to, say, my workspace “Omni”, and I might change out his choice of custom theme. Then you are off to the races.

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Thanks for this. I will try to play with it tomorrow. Much appreciated!!

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I think I’ve got it figured out. Thanks so much for the help. Now I’m just playing around to see which theme I like best for my workspaces.

Is it possible to change font color too?