(The other) Focused mode

I often like to switch between an uncluttered super clean interface (just the writing area) and the full interface. The only way I see doing it right now is to press CMD+1, CMD+0, S+CMD+T, OPT+CMD+T (and whatever shortcut you want to assign to show/hide action bar), and then resizing a bit the window manually.

Honestly I would really love if that was just one click, one shortcut.

I ended up using Keyboard Maestro for that, but wouldn’t it be nice if it was built in?


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Could you not script all those show/hide options in a Drafts action and assign a keyboard shortcut to it?

That would have the advantage of people being able to tweak and tailor it too.

Wouldn’t know where to start, I took a look at the draft script reference but couldn’t find anything related to the user interface. Ideas?

Most of the related options are on the global app object. See docs

Two hide items are missing, tag bar and action bar, so likely not going to write it as an action. But thank you for the idea.

I think, as of the latest version, the configure window action step should do what you want.

Oh yeah! That’s great.