The drafts keeps scrolling when use the stage manager on the iPad

Hi there, using Drafts ver38 and notice something like a bug? on the scroll function when use the Stage Manager on the iPad PRO 2020 model.

The issue is; the note scroll up when I type somehing and the cursor reach the middle of the note. like is trying to keep the input in the middle of the note, even I have disable the typewriter scrolling. this not happend when I disable the stage manager.

What version of iOS? The early versions of iOS 16.x had a lot of issues like you describe, but I thought most of them had been resolved in 16.3.

is the iPadOS 16.4 that is the latest one…

Still there after a restart? I can’t reproduce here.

The issue that sounds like what you are describing that was happening in 16.0-2, was the system would report to the app that the on-screen keyboard was visible when it was not, thus adjusting the interface up. But I can’t see that recurring on 16.3-4, so possible this is something different.

Could you do a screen capture demonstrating?

I have restart the iPad and the Drafts app as well. the issue still there. this is a record, hope it helps.

btw, i’m using the magic keyboard.