The capture doesn't work on Apple Watch like before

For some time now, to use the quick capture feature on apple watch I have to click twice.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

In the watch face, switch the complication from Capture to Capture With Options, then switch it back again.

I had the behaviour you describe happen once so far and figured it was a glitch, and this forced reapply worked for me in resolving it.


I’m assuming you updated to watchOS 8.

Apple combined dictation and scribble input in the same input dialog in watchOS 8. Most of the Summer through the beta cycle, it would remember the last one you used - but currently, it seems to always default to scribble and you have to tap to switch to dictation.

Quite annoying, but I can see the same behavior in any app (Messages, etc.) - at least on watchOS 8.1b2.

Unfortunately, not something I can override - it’s a system issue.