Text to speech issues with the random inclusion of the words "Security Company"

This isn’t Drafts specific by I am experiencing it here the most as I am using Text to Speech here the most. I am experiencing a bizarre phenomenon that I’ve ignored several times but now I’m starting to wonder what’s going on.

Occasionally when using text to speech (having hit the microphone button on the iPhone to activate it)… Partway through the recording of my voice, I notice the waveform stops moving. Then eventually the recording stops, but here’s the weird bit. It consistently replaces the last two words of the text to speech with “SECURITY COMPANY”.

If it said anything consistently I’d be asking this question with equal concern, but SECURITY COMPANY… really? What’s that about?

Has anyone else experienced this?

Well, that would freak me out.

Never heard of anything like it…but it’s super weird.

I think I’d wipe that device and do a fresh install of the OS. That’s not necessarily sound advice, but I think that’s what I would do.

Well, I trust you and so I may have to gave a good look at that, but this has happened more times than I can count so It’s not a one off.

Good to hear that I am not just paranoid.