TaskPaper Workflow & Actions

Hey guys,

I just discovered TaskPaper and I was wondering if anyone has “implemented” a good workflow with this app on iCloud (or maybe Dropbox).
I found this ActionGroup https://actions.getdrafts.com/g/1Hp from @drdrang which was/is helpful and I adapted it to up-/download files from iCloud.

What I’m thinking about is to have actions to quickly filter throug the tasks…
E.g. I’d like to have a Monthly plan on TaskPapers Mac Version. I’ll save this file in iCloud and import it to Drafts on the iPhone (this is whats already working)
no what to do when i want to have a quick look at what i should do TODAY ? Maybe a seperate action which exports all the @due() tagged tasks from the current date into a new draft?
Or an Action to rearrange the different lines (tags should only be at the end of the line and so on…

I really like the idea of taskpaper but without any syncing workflow on ios its not useable for me…
Maybe some of you are using taskpaper with drafts - I’m interested on how you work with it on iOS (and the mac)

I’ve just been keeping my TaskPaper files in Dropbox and using Editorial and TaskMator on iOS.

But I also wrote a few Drafts actions that may be helpful:

Jump to TP Project | Drafts Action Directory

Create filtered copy | Drafts Action Directory

the latter can be easily used to filter on a tag

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