Stop x-callback

I have an action that runs a Workflow in the Workflow app. After it runs the action it currently returns to Drafts after. How do I stop this happening? I have it set to trash the draft after running the action - is this causing my issue? If it is - is there a way to trash the Draft and then run the Workflow without having to return to Drafts?

Try using a URL action rather than a Callback URL action.

This just runs a Workflow called TestAlert. It does not return to Drafts afterwards.

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Iā€™m using Shortcuts and am using the Run Shortcut action. Not sure if that makes a difference.

Oh. You said Workflow above.

You would just change the URL from workflow to shortcuts:


You would of course also specify any input you are passing across as per the URL scheme (same as Workflow as far as I know right now). e.g.


So the only difference is in the identifier at the start of the URL.

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Great thanks. I have it working., Instead of using the default Shortcut action step I manually put in the URL using the URL action step as per your suggestion.