[Solved] Send a draft to multiple apps at once

Periodically I would like to be able to copy a draft to multiple destinations (iA Writer, Ulysses, Bear) at the same time.

I tried putting together a single action which would call each callback URL consecutively, but it just calls whichever the first callback URL is and then stops.

Alternatively, perhaps it is better to have a dedicated action group with an action for each destination? And if so, is it possible to fire all actions in a group at one time with one keyboard shortcut?

You should be able to share to multiple consecutive destinations using x-callback-url actions.

I don’t have all of the apps you do, but I tested with Bear to carry out two separate additions of data followed by a final prompt in Drafts to illustrate it had indeed returned after both.

Here is the action: https://actions.getdrafts.com/a/12t

If you are still having issues, please post a link to your action so we can review. It could be you have missed wait to return, the wrong action step is used, the URLS are incorrect, etc. Without seeing all the details of what you are using it is a long and drawn out process to analyse what is going on.

Hope that helps.

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