[Solved] Resetting logins for an action


I want to use a different OneNote account for one of my actions but not sure how I can force Drafts to prompt me again to login to that new account. It keeps trying to use the one I’ve logged into initially but my notebook doesn’t exist in that.

Do I need to recreate the action again ? Just deleting the step and adding again doesn’t work.


You should set the identifier on the Onenote action step. Just give it a meaningful name and your new additional credentials should then get stored against that.

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If you want to use multiple accounts, @sylumer’s advice is correct. The credential identifier can be used to create multiple logins to the same service.

If you simply want to change accounts, you “Forget” the OneNote credentials in Settings > Credentials. The next time you run an action that uses OneNote, you will be asked to re-authenticate in Safari and can login to the account you wish to use. Details:

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