[SOLVED r13] Drafts interrupts Mac shutdown

I am using Drafts on both my iMac and MacBook Pro (and iOS of course). On both machines, when I attempt to shut down, Drafts interrupts the shutdown. After doing so, Drafts will not quit normally and I must Force Quit in order to shut down my machine(s).

Thought I would see if anyone else is having this issue and/or post a bug report.

I am running latest version of Mojave (10.14.5) and latest version of Drafts(12.1.3).


Is this systematic? Or could it be transient - with Drafts sync’ing?

It’s systematic. The interruption for me is consistent across both machines. Thankfully I don’t reboot very often.

This was resolved in R13. Update and you should not see this problem.

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