[Solved] Organization Needed

I hope someone can help me. I use the app for church purposes. I’m a choir director so I store all of the songs we sing on this app which is helpful. But I need help organizing it if that’s possible. When searching for a song, I only would like the title of the song to come up and not every song that that has one of the words I typed in the search box to come up. Also, can I group/categorize songs together (solo, hymnal, congregational songs, etc) that way I can specifically and quickly find what I need at that moment but not be restricted to just one song. I really appreciate any and all input.

It sounds like you are searching for a phrase. Try putting the words between double a pair of double quotes. e.g. rather than foo bar, try "foo bar".

It may also be worth taking a read of the latest search updates i the change logs in case you could benefit from just searching draft titles for example.

You could use Drafts’ tags to categorise each song, and because they are tags rather than categories, they can actually fall into multiple categories.

Then you could use workspaces to restrict what drafts will be searched by filtering to a subset of drafts based on those tags. Again, you can utilise multiple tags for a particular workspace so you can further group and filter as you require.

I think that covers everything you wanted to do.

Hope that helps.


Thank you so much. This is very helpful