SOLVED: Accessing variables in callback action

Is there a way to access script variables in a callbac action.

The idea is to setup some data in a script action and then use it in the following callback.

The app.setClipboard(some_data) and [[clipboard]] does the trick for me, but is not as elegant as I would like.

Maybe the trick is just to do gthe callback inside the script?

You can use custom template tags in the call and the return can generate new template tags that can be subsequently referenced.

That works fine with [[tag_name]] but {{tag_name}} seems not to encode it correctly

If I do encodeURI(tag_data) in the script it works fine

The callback URL action has a setting to auto encode tags.

Both CallbackURL objects in script, and Callback URL action steps provide access to any parameters returns with the x-success callback through callbackResponse. See discussion in those links.

strange - the flag was set yesterday… today it works completely fine. without encodeUrI