Smart Reminder in Due

Trying to resolve an issue with the action “Smart Action in Due” (

There seems to be an unusually long delay after running the action before the After Success notification is received (about 60-90 seconds). I reviewed the script but am apparently too much of a newbie to understand or resolve. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you.

The action has used the wrong base URL.

var baseURL = "due:///add";

It should be:

var baseURL = "due://x-callback-url/add";

Due is not being asked to return to Drafts, but Drafts is waiting. Eventually Drafts reaches the timeout threshold. It isn’t doing anything with the return and so it just always completes as successful.

Amending the baseURL will get it working, but you would need to add a bit more code at the end to handle and log any returned errors if you wanted to capture such information. Given the simplicity of the call, I suspect errors would be rare.

Hope that helps.


Yes, this does help and makes sense. I’m learning slowly. Thanks for your help!