Slash Command in Drafts - Action Search

I have a feature request that might be useful or totally annoying for others.

Many PKM Apps offer a „slash command“ where you can type a „/“ and directly search for an action to run.
I can imagine that this could be useful for at least some kind of actions in Drafts, too.

E.g. for actions that insert a template or in general modify the content of the draft.

Is this something you considered adding to the app?


In case you haven’t seen it, I did create this a couple of years ago as an approximation.

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In theory, you can get close to this with existing functionality. I have an action that I trigger via keyboard shortcut (ctrl + “/”) that opens the action list and places the cursor in the search bar there, so I can type a few letters and filter down to the action I want.

Another alternative to this would be an MGCheckList menu action, populated with a list of actions— iterate all actions in each group from ActionGroup.getAll(), or set a specific action group to be the basis for your slash commands…

EDIT: @sylumer: I think I was typing my response as you posted yours… should have known you’d have something along these lines already!


Note that the built-in Quick Search does a pretty good job of this, also. That is how I trigger many of my less frequently used actions. Hit shift-⌘-F, start typing the action name, arrow down to select, return.

Also works great for selecting workspaces, as well as, of course, finding other drafts.


Guilty as charged: I don’t use the quick search nearly as much as I should/could. Putting my hand up for a “Use Quick Search!” t-shirt… :joy:

That said, I think sometimes I need a more focused scope. Quick search draws on everything. If I just want to see a filterable list of actions, seeing drafts that also contain the search term is sometimes enough for me to lose focus and need to think harder about what I was initially searching for. Curse of a distractible mind…

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It’s functionality I regularly forget about and if I don’t it I forget how to invoke it.