Siri Shortcut for Drafts

I’m new to Drafts and trying to learn Siri Shortcuts. Perhaps this is already out there and I just need someone to point me in the right direction:

I’m looking for a Siri Shortcut that allows me from my Apple Watch to open Drafts and create a voice memo. Then, transfer the text from that memo to OmniFocus.

Whilst in theory it can be done, how long a dictation are you expecting to make? If it is just a few words to describe a task, would it not make sense to just use Shortcuts‘ own dictation and simplify the end to end workflow?

I may be wrong, but I think the Drafts watch dictation might actually have the same time limits to it as the other apps. If I recall correctly, Greg’s creative workaround for longer dictation might be iOS only.

I don’t use OmniFocus, but I also imagine it has some direct Siri integration you might be able to make use of, or perhaps a synchronisation with reminders (similar to that available in Drafts).

If you know that you just want to dictate an OmniFocus task, then I suspect a little step back to look at options might yield simpler solutions than going for Drafts. If you aren’t sure where it will end up, then Drafts is a perfect initial capture channel.