Show metadata on draft

I thought there was a way in the iOS app to show metadata like created / updated date / time, location of creation / updated, etc.

Do a long press on the file icon (top left) and choose Get info ….

(This changed with the last version, see

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Thanks! I should have read the release notes more carefully!

The functionality is now unfortunately somewhat hidden.

There’s always trade-offs making a lot of functionality available without cluttering the interface. I will certainly keep listening to feedback if enough people miss the dedicated button…but it was seldom used by the majority of users, and the most commonly used element in that screen - copying content/link - is more easily accessed via the menu.

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I’ve found myself missing the dedicated button, largely because I find access to versions to be really useful, but to be fair to you, making it relatively easily accessible as an alternative to the new long touch doesn’t take much for us to do— just a single line of Javascript in an action. And okay, that might not be as omnipresent as the original button, but it’s not far off…

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