Show All Notes EXCEPT Those Tagged with x

I am moving my Drafts to the Notes app. As I do so I tagged the moved notes with COPIED, but they may have other tags already. Is there a way that I can view just the notes WITHOUT the COPIED tag?

I feel sure that it must be obvious, but the more I look the less I see!.


Ah ha! All I have to do is use the OMIT icon to the right of the tag in the tag list. So obvious! I don’t know why I needed to read the manual twice to understand that. Skimming I suspect.

Which them leads me to ask, can I omit x tag AND untagged at the same time?

Thanks again

Not sure I understand your goal. You can change the tag filters between “any” and “all” to control whether you are matching in an “or” or “all” manner with multiple selection…but the logical set of “untagged” is already sure not to contain anything tagged “x”.