Sharing drafts with my assistant

I have Drafts Pro on my Mac, iPhone, and iPad, as well as my Apple Watch. I need my assistant to have access to all my drafts I make with the watch while on the road. How do I synchronize my drafts to the iPad I provide for her.

The iPad needs to be logged in to use your account for iCloud Drive. Sync is exclusively via your individual account.

If you are saying the iPad itself has to be logged into my iCloud account, then what I am trying to do cannot work. It would be too tedious to constantly be logging the iPad out of her account and into mine and back again just to check

I think your best bet would be assigning a specific tag to drafts coming from the watch (from memory this is in the Drafts settings), and then have a Shortcut run periodically which runs a Drafts action that can then send the individual drafts to her in some manner, perhaps exporting them as text to Dropbox? After success would have to be trash or archive to prevent them continually matching the parameters for the action.

Synchronising Drafts’ drafts works on a single user’s iCloud account. It doesn’t support collaborative working on multiple drafts between multiple user accounts.

As @RosemaryOrchard points out. You can send drafts out fo the Drafts app, and that can be automated. It will not synchronise your drafts, but perhaps it would be enough to provide access to a draft at a particular point in time?

If you needed to close the loop though after your assistant updated the draft content you sent, and then sent it back to you, you would need to take action to modify your copy of the original draft as it would not “sync” back.

Now, I dare say that it would be possible with the use of Hazel and some judicious unique ID allocation (a draft’s UUID would vary between users, so having a separate ID would be most efficient) to have a system whereby you could have something that mimics sync with automatic importing and exporting based on a scheduled Mac job, or Shortcuts automation, but it would be far from the sort of solid cloud-sync solutions that we are all used to working with these days.

Could buy an old iPad and dedicate it to this function.

and it would create a security nightmare (at least for me :wink:

Thanks to all for the advice… you’ve been quite helpful.