Sending ascii characters

Hi I’m trying to send a task to Roam Research via email.

But Drafts inserts these characters. Is there a setting for this?

{{[[TODO]]}} test task

Goes to

%5B%5BTODO%5D%5D test task

Double pairs of braces ({{ }}) in Drafts are used to trigger URL encoding o text (still ASCII by the way) aspart of the Drafts template tag functionality. You need to prefix a backslash with the braces to escape one of them so it is not interpreted as a request to URL encode.

See the last two sections here:

If you are still having issues, please post a link to your action so we can see how you are attempting to implement this.

Hi - thanks for your reply. That makes sense. I am using the Send to Gmail action. But if I put an escape character i.e. \ then it carries the \ to the email. Is there anyway to remove this?

ignore that. the escape character worked! thanks @sylumer - appreciate the reply.