Send via Action

I have been using the action Send via and it works well, except it cannot used the stored credentials the next day. I always have to delete and re-enter the credentials for the script to run. So, two questions:

  1. Are other people having this issue?
  2. How do I get access to the script to modify it to not save the credentials as a work around?



Are you updated to the most recent version of Drafts? Microsoft is very aggressive about expiring OAuth tokens - the are only valid for an hour, where most services do not expire them for a year or so.

That said, Drafts should be automatically renewing your tokens if they expire in most cases. There was a bug that prevented that from happening, but I believe it was resolved in release 15.0.

I do some testing on my end, it’s possible Microsoft made some changes around refreshing tokens.

I am running the most current version on my iPad, 16.1, and it worked this morning and now it is failing.

Thanks for looking into it.

I did some testing on this, and it appears Microsoft has made a change - intentional or unintentional - to it’s OAuth handling of authorization tokens with access to the Outlook API permissions.

I know for a fact the token refresh was working for these tokens - and it continues to work fine for authorizations for Drafts OneNote and OneDrive actions, which hit the exact same OAuth servers at MS. Just the Outlook tokens are not successfully refreshing.

Not sure if this is an intentional change at MS, or a bug. Also not sure where I’d even report it if is a bug, but I will keep digging.

Thank you! Sometimes you just shake your head with Microsoft. :wink: