Send email reminders for new approaching Google Calendar events

@FlohGro Is there a way to restructure the output to Drafts as follows based on the Gmail action (for iOS) and Mailto: action (for desktop) that populates the gmail subject with the Drafts first line and the Drafts second line as the body:

1st line: Confirming {Event from Gmail} {Start date} {Start Time}
2nd Line: Dear xxx,
A quick note to confirm our meeting {Start date} {Start Time}.
If your plans have changed - please reply and let me know so we can reschedule.
Many thanks and looking forward,

!! Place email addresses of attendees down at the bottom so I can cut and paste easily

Sure that’s should be possible. Do you want a single draft for each attendee of the event?

I can’t test the email address placing at the bottom since I don’t see any emails extracted :joy: I’ll update the action when I have time to :slight_smile:

One Draft per event works well… Many thanks…

action updated but i didn’t test it (especially the e-mail part is completely blind for me :D)

let me know if it works as intended and if not, please provide a detailled description of what you did and what happened :slight_smile:

update the action: Jaymfs Next Seven Days Events | Drafts Directory

@FlohGro Brilliant! I thank you!

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