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Actions available in the Action Directory are uploaded by community members. Use appropriate caution reviewing downloaded actions before use.

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This action can be run from Drafts itself to search the “all” tab, or can be run from Shortcuts, meaning you can modify it to run from the widget, or to accept voice input, or put a home screen icon for it or whatever.

Of course, Spotlight search on iOS should be doing the same thing. However, I find my spotlight search sometimes decides to stop showing Drafts content (and content from other apps as well). This is more consistent for me.

Hey. I get a TypeError when I run this— “undefined is not an object, evaluating(‘ws.queryString = draft.content’)” - line 4 col 3…

Sorry!! I just realized this step requires you to create a workspace called “Search”. You should also set that workspace to pull up the “all” tab on open (in the workspace settings). I’m updating the action description now.

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