Save to Evernote (cross-platform)

I had hoped that the action in the action directory was going to be an answer to my struggle. However although there is a brief notification that the action has taken place, nothing happens on my Evernote account.
I’m using MacOS and iOS
I note that “Evernote’s SDK support on the Mac is not great” but does that mean that this action is completely non-functional for my set up?

Is there anything listed in the action log for it?

I spent quite a time searching this forum but it just seemed to go around in circles.

If you got the green success banner, the action ran and successfully communicated with Evernote. Assuming from the title you are running this example action from the Directory.

Some details would be helpful in troubleshooting…

  • Are you running this on Mac or iOS? Does it work on either of those platforms for you?
  • Does the draft you are currently editing have content in it? (Evernote is picky about blank notes).
  • After running, you should have a new draft in your default notebook in Evernote, titled something like 2020-04-16-08-44-34 (based on current time) contain the text of the current draft you are editing.

I love this action — one I’ve been waiting for a long time. I am not savvy on multi-step actions and I would like to create several versions of this.

I don’t see where to edit the action so that the first line of my draft becomes the title of the Evernote note and that the Evernote tag is something different from “time.”

Thanks in advance.

Change the noteTitle tag in step one from [[time]] to [[title]].